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Fast Sink Unblocking In Tunbridge Wells

Blocked sink in need of repairIf your sink has stopped draining or is taking ages to do so, call Tunbridge Wells' sink unblocking and repairs specialists at JLH Drains now!

Unblocking your sink by yourself can, a lot of the time, only be a temporary solution. The problem can actually be quite far away from the sink itself and therefore will require specialist expertise and equipment. 

Sink blockages can often cause irritating problems in either domestic or commercial properties across Kent, including Tunbridge Wells. For instance, cooking fats, oils, grease, other thick liquids and even some small solids are most likely the cause of the problem. These greases and fats can often build up in the pipework over time and can lead to a very tight sink blockage that can only then be removed with professional and specialist attention.    

Call our experienced sink unblocking team now on 0800 781 8922 and we'll have your blocked sinks repaired in less than an hour and a half! Great prices, expert friendly staff and a long term solution to your Tunbridge Wells sink awaits when you call JLH Drains.


The complete blocked sink repairs service across Tunbridge Wells

Our trusted and specialist sink unblocking service, provided to commercial and domestic customers across Kent and Tunbridge Wells includes everything from replacement pipework and CCTV drain surveys to drain cleaning. Our full range of blocked sinks services includes:

CCTV and sonar survey to locate and identify blockage

Removal of the blockage

If necessary, replacement pipe work

Preventative CCTV check on other plugs and drains

24 hour emergency call out available

The vast majority of our Tunbridge Wells sink unblocking work takes us to commercial and domestic kitchens, which are the most likely locations for sink blockages caused by grease and fats. However, bathroom sinks also have the potential to get clogged up occasionally, most often with hair. In all cases, we are Tunbridge Wells' experts, offering proven, simple and quick solutions that have all sinks back up and running in no time. As part of our comprehensive service, we will even take a quick look around your other plugholes and key drains for a preventative check on any other potential problems. 

Fast, simple and straightforward sink unblocking for Tunbridge Wells and Kent

Trust JLH Drains to make fast work of any blocked sinks at home or at work, and with a minimum of fuss or disruption.

Fully insured, experienced and well equipped, our sink unblocking team are available 24 hours a day across Tunbridge Wells and Kent. So whenever you need a blocked sink dealt with quickly, affordably and without a fuss, speak to the experts at JLH Drains; contact us today and we can arrange a no obligation survey and quotation with one of our friendly team.