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Sittingbourne's Reliable CCTV Drain Surveys

CCTV survey in Sittingbourne

Are you having trouble with your Sittingbourne drain? JLH Drains is here to help. We can identify the source of the issue quickly and easily, thanks to our advanced CCTV drain survey tools.

Closed circuit camera systems make it possible to inspect any part of a drainage system in great detail, allowing us to spot any potential issues such as blockage or cracks. This helps when making repairs or for insurance claims.

We are proud to offer our clients in Kent, including Sittingbourne, a highly professional service from our fully certified team of drain engineers.

We offer fast access to Sittingbourne, and the rest of Kent, with five sites spread across the county. Make sure to call us today on 01795 459106 to arrange a free property survey and no-obligation quote at your convenience.

CCTV Drain Surveys For Insurance Claims

Our Kent-based drainage company offers extensive CCTV drain surveys, complete with DVD footage and written reports. This service applies to both commercial and domestic buildings insurance claims in Sittingbourne, Medway and beyond.

Our detailed assessments are recognised by many property insurance companies and agencies; they provide a diagram of the system's conditions as well as video evidence of any cracks or breaks.

Supporting Electricians Across Sittingbourne

In addition to our insurance work, we work with professional electricians regularly to carry out the wiring of electrical trunks and in buildings. It is not always easy to feed wires through small gaps in walls or pipework without them becoming snagged, but electricians have the expertise to do so.

Our small CCTV drain survey and inspection system offers a fast solution, providing electricians with a clear vision of their task for quick, secure and straightforward wiring installations.

Broken drain lining
Blocked drain in Sheppey
Inside a drain

Enhancing Other Drainage Work

One benefit of our CCTV drain survey equipment is that it is ideal to be used along with our other Sittingbourne clients' drain maintenance, unblocking and care services. Our cameras enable us to identify cracked pipes needing repairs, and allow us to trace the source of blocked drains in sections inaccessible by other methods, such as dye tracing.

For any requirements regarding CCTV drain surveys for hard-to-reach or confined spaces, let the professionals at JLH Drains in Sittingbourne take care of it. Contact us today and arrange a free survey and price quote with one of our experienced staff members.