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Maidstone's Leading CCTV Drain Survey Providers

If you've got a problem with your drain, we'll utilise the very latest miniature CCTV drain survey equipment to find the cause of the problem quickly and easily.

Over the years, closed circuit camera systems have become an invaluable tool for drain repairs, allowing us to look close up at any part of a drainage system to inspect for problems like cracks and blockages as part of insurance claims or repair work. Working throughout Kent, including Maidstone, we guarantee all homeowners and commercial clients a truly professional service from a fully certified team of drain engineers.

Based around five sites in Kent, we have fast access to Maidstone and the rest of Kent. So call us today on 0800 781 8922 to arrange your free property survey and no obligation quotation at your convenience.

CCTV Drain Surveys For Insurers

Most property insurance companies expect a full CCTV survey of any drain that is being claimed on for buildings insurance. Not only do they expect a clear map of the system, showing where the problems are, but also video evidence of cracks and breaks all written up in a professional report.

As one of Kent's leading drainage companies, we provide comprehensive CCTV drain surveys and supply full reports with DVD footage for domestic and commercial insurance claims across Maidstone and Kent. 

Supporting Electricians

In addition, we often work alongside professional electricians carrying out wiring work on electrical trunks or in buildings. It's very easy for electrical wires to get blocked or snagged by something and just as hard to blindly feed them through small gaps hidden in walls or pipework.

Our tiny CCTV drain survey and inspection system is the fast solution, giving electricians a clear view of what they're doing so they can complete wiring installations quickly, safely and easily. 

CCTV survey shows broken drain in Maidstone
CCTV showing drain blockage

Enhancing Other Drainage Work

The beauty of our CCTV drain survey equipment is that it can be used in a way to complement other drain unblocking, maintenance and care services we provide. The miniature cameras help us trace the source of blocked drains, find cracked pipes needing drain repairs or help us follow dye tracing through parts of drainage systems we can’t access directly.

No matter what your requirements for CCTV drain surveys or any other confined or inaccessible space put it in the hands of the specialists at JLH Drains in Maidstone; contact us today and we can arrange a no obligation survey and quotation with one of our experienced team.