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JLH Drains

Checkatrade information for JLH Drains Ltd

Commercial drain maintenance services in Broadland Row, East Sussex by the specialist team at JLH Drains including no dig repairs, CCTV surveys and pollution control.

Working throughout Broadland Row, East Sussex, JLH Drains provide a complete range of solutions to all domestic and commercial customers suffering problems with their drainage system. We provide a reactive, professional and technology based approach to search out cracked and blocked pipes quickly and with a minimum of fuss or expense. Whatever the problem, we can find an effective solution at the best possible price.

Fast and reliable Drain Repairs in Broadland Row, East Sussex

Many of our customers worry about the cost and disruption of drain repairs; all that time digging things up just working out what the problem is… At JLH Drains in Broadland Row, East Sussex we do things differently, using the latest technology to ensure nearly all of our repairs are carried out without excavations. Miniature CCTV cameras find the problem, blockages are removed with high pressure jet washing and cracked pipes are relined with tough epoxy resin applied with a remote system that can save up to 75% on drain repair costs!

JLH Drains for Drain Excavation in Broadland Row, East Sussex

We reduce the typical disruptions caused by drain excavation by using the latest in fault finding technology. In the past you quite often had to dig around and excavate pipes just to find out what and where the problem was, today using CCTV inspections to view the insides of pipes and sonar surveys to image the whole system we can limit disruptive digging to the precise point where the blockage or crack exists and the repair can be applied.

JLH Drains for Drain CCTV Surveys in Broadland Row, East Sussex

In the past, any kind of problem with drainage systems and pipes meant a lengthy fault finding process that often led to digging up half the garden and tearing out floorboards just to see what the issue was. We utilise the latest in miniature CCTV camera systems to carry out full inspections of your pipework without any disruption at all. Used with clients across Broadland Row, East Sussex our CCTV surveys are quick, effective and can save a huge amount of time and money.

Blocked drains, sinks and toilets in Broadland Row, East Sussex

Most homes and businesses will suffer a blocked toilet, drain or sink at some point, it’s a common occurrence, what few people realise is how expensive repairs can be without a truly professional repair service. At JLH Drains in Broadland Row, East Sussex we invest in the latest equipment to make repairs of blocked drains and toilets with a minimum of fuss and a fast turnaround.

JLH Drains for Drain Re-Lining in Broadland Row, East Sussex

Traditionally, any problem with drainage pipes meant expensive and time consuming excavations to tear out a cracked pipe and replace it, or even just to reconnect a pipe to a join which has come loose. At JLH Drains in Broadland Row, East Sussex we invest in the latest technology to avoid all that fuss, combining CCTV equipment with remotely applied epoxy resins that seal up cracks and splits in drainage pipes leaving a smooth finish that’s tougher than the original pipework!

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