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JLH Drains

Checkatrade information for JLH Drains Ltd

Expert drainage maintenance and repairs in Blacklands, East Sussex by JLH Drains, specialist fault finding, pressure jet washing, drain relining and no dig pipe repairs.

Working throughout Blacklands, East Sussex, JLH Drains provide a complete range of solutions to all domestic and commercial customers suffering problems with their drainage system. We provide a reactive, professional and technology based approach to search out cracked and blocked pipes quickly and with a minimum of fuss or expense. Whatever the problem, we can find an effective solution at the best possible price.

JLH Drains for Drain Excavation in Blacklands, East Sussex

We reduce the typical disruptions caused by drain excavation by using the latest in fault finding technology. In the past you quite often had to dig around and excavate pipes just to find out what and where the problem was, today using CCTV inspections to view the insides of pipes and sonar surveys to image the whole system we can limit disruptive digging to the precise point where the blockage or crack exists and the repair can be applied.

Blocked toilets, drains and sinks in Blacklands, East Sussex

Blocked drains, toilets or sinks are a big problem in the home or in business, besides putting facilities out of action they can quickly develop into unpleasant health risks. Our service, provided across the Blacklands, East Sussex region, can deal with any problem quickly and professionally helping you maintain a sanitary environment; the service can include regular drainage maintenance works to ensure your pipeworks are functioning perfectly.

JLH Drains for Drain CCTV Surveys in Blacklands, East Sussex

In the past, any kind of problem with drainage systems and pipes meant a lengthy fault finding process that often led to digging up half the garden and tearing out floorboards just to see what the issue was. We utilise the latest in miniature CCTV camera systems to carry out full inspections of your pipework without any disruption at all. Used with clients across Blacklands, East Sussex our CCTV surveys are quick, effective and can save a huge amount of time and money.

JLH Drains for Drain Re-Lining in Blacklands, East Sussex

Our drain re-lining service uses a well established, professional approach to ensure the best repair for our clients. A CCTV or sonar survey is used to identify the location of the fault, at which point we pump out all the liquids, remove any blockages and use a high pressure water jet to get the inside of the pipework really clean. Only once we’re happy with these results do we insert the inflatable tube covered in resin, carefully position it using a CCTV camera to guide us and inflate the tube for a really tight fit. The resin is left to fully dry before removal of the tube and a final CCTV inspection and test to make sure the finish is watertight and smooth.

JLH Drains for Drain Repairs in Blacklands, East Sussex

Providing expert drain repairs is all about investment in the best technology and training to offer your customer the widest range of services. At JLH Drains we specialise in innovative approaches such as CCTV inspections, no-excavation epoxy cracked pipe repairs and dye tracing as well as traditional drain relining, remote removal of tap roots and high pressure water cleaning. We guarantee the most cost effective solution every time for clients across Blacklands, East Sussex.

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