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JLH Drains

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Gillingham's Blocked Drains Specialists

emergency drain repairsGot a blocked drain? Call Gillingham's experts!

JLH Drains will get your blocked drain fixed fast! Our expert team will trace the blockage, clear it completely and leave your Gillingham drains totally clean and clear!

Plus there's no call out fee!

Whatever property you have, you're likely to come up against blocked drains at some point or another. When you do, you'll want to avoid the disruption they cause and want an effective and speedy solution. 

Our friendly and experienced team will use the very latest drainage and CCTV drain survey equipment to diagnose the problem and then carry out drain unblocking and repairs on the spot for a competitive and fixed cost.

So if you've found a blocked drain, call our emergency blocked drains number on 01634 871058 and we'll be at your Gillingham home or business premises within just 90 minutes!

We'll quickly find The Blockage

Blocked drains can occur for a wide variety of reasons and the only way to fix them is to quickly find out what the cause of the problem is. If it's a regular problem, we will completely unblock the drain and use a miniature CCTV camera to investigate exactly what the problem is.

There might be some times when it's difficult to access certain parts of the drainage system; mainly due to the concreting over of access manholes. We'll utilise a sonar transmitter attached to the CCTV probe to get round this and quickly locate hidden access points or find our way around. From there, we will carry out our drain unblocking service quickly and efficiently.

Clearing the blocked drains

Quite often, blocked drains are just caused by simple waste; your commercial kitchens, hotels and restaurants and even your home can all suffer from a blocked drain from time to time. Any cooking activity generates greases, oils and fats that can accumulate and block your drain.

Drains located around building sites and yards, houses with new extensions and new builds can all accumulate building waste. However, any obstructions like this can be cleanly and quickly removed using our high pressure water jet system which can strip away hardened concrete and even de-scale the drainage pipe.

Tree root blockages and repairs

We work across Gillingham and KentSometimes plant and tree tap roots can cause more problematic drain blockages. They can often crack drain pipes and then grow into them.

We will cut away and clear the obstruction using a remote cutting tool and CCTV drain surveys, followed up by repairs to the original crack and any other damage caused. We will always try and do this by just accessing the drainpipe and without digging anything up; it's just much quicker and more cost effective for you.

Most of our customers only call us out when a blocked drain problem has already happened, but higher risk properties like hotels and restaurants should consider periodic high pressure water jetting to keep their drainage system clean, de-scaled, odour free and providing an efficient service. We can provide CCTV drains surveys at any time to check on potential problems and make quick work of water jet cleaning.

So make sure your blocked drains are repaired quickly and without any digging or major disturbance by the highly skilled and experienced team at JLH Drains; contact us today and we can arrange a no obligation survey and quotation with one of our friendly blocked drains repairs team.

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