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JLH Drains

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Fast Drain Unblocking in Faversham

Found a blocked drain in your Faversham property? Don't panic! Just call the experienced experts at JLH Drains!

We work across Kent and Faversham, providing first class blocked drains repairs for very affordable and competitive prices for homeowners and commercial clients throughout the region.

So if you have even the remotest inclination that you could have a blocked drain, make sure that it's looked at and not left alone; otherwise you could end up with serious problems and smells in the near future! Call our emergency 24/7 blocked drains call out number now on 01227 388109 and we will be with you at your Faversham home or business property within just 90 minutes!

Faversham's blocked drains specialists

Even the highest quality and toughest drains can suffer from blockages from time to time. If the worst does happen, make sure that your blocked drains are dealt with quickly, safely and by experienced and professional experts. If you leave them, you will just be faced with odours and unpleasant smells. At JLH Drains, we specialise in providing comprehensive and effective blocked drains repairs across Faversham. No matter if you have found building rubble in your drains, a build-up of cooking fats or an invading tree root, we will quickly diagnose and fix the problem.  

Emergency blocked drains repairs carried out fast!

If you have spotted a problem with your commercial or domestic drains, call our 24/7 emergency blocked drains repairs number now on 01634 871058 and we'll be with you within just an hour and a half! Based throughout Faversham and Kent, we're ideally located to reach you fast and have your drainage system cleared and repaired just as quickly!

We use the very best equipment

There are a wide variety of causes of blocked drains but the only way to fix them is to find out exactly what has blocked the drainage system; which is exactly what we do here at JLH Drains. We utilise the very latest equipment to pump out your drains and use a miniature CCTV camera to investigate exactly what the cause of the blockage is and then repair it quickly and effectively. 

Commercial drainage maintenance

While a blocked drain at a domestic property is a problem that urgently requires repairs, it is absolutely vital for a commercial property, such as a hotel, bar or restaurant, to have regular drainage checks and maintenance. At JLH Drains, we carry out periodic checks and use high pressure water jetting to keep all commercial drainage systems odour free, de-scaled and clean.   

So if you are based in Faversham or Kent, speak to the blocked drains experts at JLH Drains today. Call our friendly and experienced team today on 01634 871058 and arrange your FREE property survey and no obligation blocked drains quotation.

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