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Accurate and Reliable CCTV Drain Surveys in East Malling

CCTV view of a drain in Ashford

Concerned about a potential issue with your drain? Our use of cutting-edge CCTV drain survey technology allows us to efficiently and effectively identify the source of the issue.

In recent times, the use of closed circuit camera systems has greatly enhanced the process of drain repairs. This technology allows us to closely examine any portion of a commercial or residential drainage system, thereby facilitating the identification of issues such as obstructions or fractures during repair procedures or insurance investigations.

We cover all of Kent, including East Malling, and ensure that both our commercial and residential customers receive a dependable, expert, and cost-effective experience from our certified team of drain specialists. To schedule your free property survey and non-binding price estimate at a time that works for you, please call 0800 781 8922.

CCTV Drain Surveys For Insurers

Most property insurance providers, whether for commercial or domestic properties, require a thorough CCTV survey of any drain being claimed on. This includes a comprehensive map indicating the location of issues, as well as video proof and a professionally written report documenting any breaks or cracks.

As a top drainage company in Kent, we offer thorough CCTV drain surveys and deliver detailed reports, complete with DVD footage. These services are available for both domestic and commercial insurance claims in East Malling and throughout Kent.

Supporting Electricians Across East Malling

In addition to our insurance services, we collaborate with electricians who handle wiring installations in buildings and electrical trunks. This task can often be challenging as wires can easily become obstructed or tangled, and it can be equally difficult to navigate them through narrow spaces concealed within pipes or walls.

Our compact CCTV drain survey and inspection system offers a speedy, budget-friendly, and efficient solution, granting electricians a clear perspective of their work for efficient completion of electrical wiring installations with ease and safety.

Broken Ashford drain seen on camera
View of a blocked drain
CCTV camera inside a drain pipe

Enhancing Other Drainage Work

One of the main benefits of our CCTV drain survey equipment is its ability to enhance other services we offer for maintaining, caring for, and unblocking drains. By using tiny cameras, we can pinpoint the root cause of blockages, track dye through hard-to-reach areas of drainage systems, and identify damaged pipes that require immediate attention.

Whether you need CCTV drain surveys or assistance with navigating cramped or hard-to-reach areas, trust the experts at JLH Drains in East Malling. Get in touch now and our skilled team will provide a comprehensive property survey and quote, free of any obligations.