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Drain Dye Tracing

One of the best ways to trace pollution problems or the source of any drained water, dye tracing helps us solve drainage problems with no need for disruptive digging.

If your drainage system is connected incorrectly or your water waste is not going where it should then sewage and waste can end up running into surface water systems which leads to serious pollution issues in lake and reservoir systems. This specialist service enables us to follow the route of any drained water from source throughout the pipework system and can also be used to trace back sources of pollutants so that system repairs can be carried out.

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A Full Range Of Dye Tracing Solutions

Our range of services for drainage systems throughout Kent, London, Surrey and Sussex includes;

Mapping the flow of water from any given source

Location of blockages and broken pipes

Tracing the source of surface water

ollution control works

Confined spaces and streetworks certified

24/7 emergency call out

Dye tracing complements and is complemented by many of our other services; it can help trace leaks in drain pipes for repair, locate drain blockages or help reveal the source of pollutants entering the surface water system. Combined with CCTV drain surveys, sonar locating and drain repairs and relining it helps us deal quickly with all kinds of drainage issues without the cost and disruption of digging pipework up.

Providing Services To The Private And Public Sectors Of Kent, London And The South East

With access to the latest equipment and a fully certified and experienced team of drainage engineers we provide a comprehensive solution for all kinds of drain repairs, drain cleaning, pollution control and 24/7 emergency call outs.

Based throughout the county we work with clients throughout Maidstone, West Malling, Sheerness, Gravesend, Medway, Gillingham, Chatham, Rochester, Strood, Ashford, Canterbury, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Sittingbourne, Faversham, Ramsgate and Margate.

Whatever your requirements for drain maintenance and repairs speak to the experts at JLH Drains; contact us today and we can arrange a no obligation survey and quotation with one of our experienced team.