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Blocked drains are a very common problem for commercial and domestic property owners. But what exactly are the signs of a blocked drain?

We'll let you know what to spot and tell you when you should contact professional drains repairs experts.

There are a few identifying features and symptoms of a blocked drain, making it easy for you to discover the problem quickly and inform professional drainage experts before the problem can get worse. These are:

  1. Slow draining sinks
  2. Sulphurous smells from sinks, toilets and showers (these may indicate trapped and rotting elements)
  3. Gurgling toilets, showers or sinks
  4. High rising toilets or sinks, which may overflow
  5. Drain cover leakages
1.) Slow Draining Sinks

If you notice that the water from your sinks, showers or bath tubs is starting to drain away slower than usual, it may well be a sign of a blocked drain. There are a number of factors that can cause this, including clogging, the dumping of anti-bacterial soaps, system overuse or poor maintenance.

2.) Sulphurous Smells

A blocked drain tends to give off very nasty and unpleasant odours and sulphurous smells. This is often a result of food particles and bacteria that get stuck in the pipes and start to break down as they decompose. You can prevent this by ensuring that all food waste and other foreign particles are put in the waste bin rather than the sink basin.

3.) Gurgling Toilets, Showers Or Sinks

If your drains are making loud or ominous gurgling noises when you flush the toilet or run the taps, the chances are that you've got yourself a blocked drain. These noises are often caused by trapped air, which bubbles up and tries to push its way from the drain towards the surface when water flows down it.

4.) High Rising Toilets Or Sinks

Blocked drains can cause water levels to rise higher than normal in the toilet when flushing or in the sink basin. It can often even rise to a point of nearly overflowing before finally draining away.

5.) Drain Cover Leakages

If you've got water or other liquids leaking from the drain covers at your premises, it's pretty likely that you've got blocked drains. However, if you're not sure, a professional CCTV drain survey will tell you for sure.

If you're experiencing one or more of the above symptoms, call the drainage experts at JLH Drains now on 0800 781 8922. Our extensively experienced and highly skilled team are equipped with the very best and the very latest plumbing and drainage repair equipment and can quickly and effectively find the cause of the problem and repair it for you.