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Sevenoaks' Blocked Drains Specialists

Experiencing a blocked drain issue at your Sevenoaks property? Have it promptly unblocked and repaired!

Serving clients in both Sevenoaks and Kent, our emergency blocked drains service is available 24/7. You can count on us to have your drains thoroughly cleaned and unblocked on the same day you contact us!

Not to mention, there is NO charge for calling us out!

Don't delay any longer! Contact us at 01732 590566 for our emergency blocked drains service and we'll arrive at your Sevenoaks residence or workplace in just 90 minutes!

If you own a commercial or domestic property in Sevenoaks or anywhere else in Kent, it's highly likely that you'll encounter a blocked drain. In such a situation, it's important to prevent the resulting disruption by promptly finding an efficient solution.

With the help of top-of-the-line CCTV drainage equipment and drain survey technology, our skilled and devoted team specialises in efficiently diagnosing and resolving drain blockages in SevenoaksĀ at an affordable cost.

emergency drain repairs in Sevenoaks

We'll Find The Blockage Fast!

Blocked drains can have numerous causes, but the most effective solution remains identifying the root of the issue promptly. Simply contact our emergency blocked drains number and we will come to your Sevenoaks property to unblock the drain. From there, we will utilise a miniature CCTV camera to thoroughly investigate and diagnose the exact cause of the blockage.

In some cases, access to certain areas of the drain may pose a challenge due to concrete covering the access manholes. However, we have a solution for this: utilising a sonar transmitter connected to our CCTV probe, we can efficiently navigate and locate hidden access points from alternate manholes. Best of all, this service is already included in our quotation!

Quickly Clearing The Blocked Drains

Simple waste can lead to blocked drains in various establishments such as kitchens, hotels, restaurants, and commercial kitchens located in Sevenoaks. The accumulation of greases, oils, and fats from cooking activities can also result in a drain blockage.

Likewise, drainage systems adjacent to newly constructed homes, houses with added expansions, or construction areas throughout Sevenoaks and Kent may collect construction debris. Such blockages can be efficiently cleared through our specialised high pressure water jet system, capable of effectively removing hardened concrete and descaling the pipes with cleanliness and safety in mind.

Expert Tree Root Blockage Removal And Drain Repairs Across Sevenoaks

Drain blockages can result from tree and plant roots cracking and invading pipes. In such cases, we will use a remote cutting tool and conduct a CCTV drain survey to remove the obstruction. We will also repair any damage caused, including addressing the original crack. Our goal is to complete this process by accessing the drainpipe without resorting to excavation, as it is a faster and more economical option for you.

Efficiently and effectively resolve any type of blocked drain with the experienced team at JLH Drains, serving Sevenoaks and Kent. Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation survey and quotation today from our friendly repair specialists.

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