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Ashford's Bath Unblocking Specialists

Blocked bath in AshfordBlocked baths are quite a common problem for Ashford homeowners; after all, plug holes can very easily and quickly become blocked by residue from soaps, hair, salts or bath oils. This requires professional cleaning, rather than just a temporary pour down solution.

That's where Ashford's experts at JLH Drains come in!

At JLH Drains, we specialise in affordable and fast blocked bath repairs, utilising the highest quality equipment to ensure the least fuss or mess. So call us now on 0800 781 8922 and we'll be with you within 90 minutes!

Sometimes blocked baths can be more of an unseen and distant problem. For example, autumn leaves can sometimes block up the part of the main drain that waste bathwater runs into. If this is the situation you find yourself in at your Ashford premises, we will utilise the latest in drain maintenance and CCTV drain survey equipment and technology to take care of the blocked drains effectively and quickly without any serious disruption to your day. 

So call us now on 0800 781 8922 and we'll have your bath unblocked within just 90 minutes!

Working Across Ashford and Kent

Provided to clients across Kent, including Ashford, our service for unblocking bath drains and plugholes including;

non-invasive cctv surveys

Non-destructive CCTV survey to find the blockage

least disruptive work

Least-disruptive removal method carried out

replace pipework

Pipework can be replaced or repaired if necessary

drain surveys

Further surveys of other drains can catch other blockages early

24/7 emergency callouts

24/7 callouts in an emergency

Given that the majority of commercial environments across Kent and Ashford don't feature baths, the main focus of our bath unblocking work is focused on landlords, owners of residential care homes for the elderly, property managers and domestic property owners. Having your bath out of action can lead to some unpleasant smells from the drains, as well as the inconvenience of course, so make sure it is unblocked quickly and professionally by experienced drain specialists.

Fast bath unblocking solutions across Ashford and Kent

Our dedicated and professional team have decades of experience and expertise of clearing and cleaning drains and plugholes from all sanitary-ware and domestic fittings, combining time saving and modern equipment with our specialist expertise to provide affordable and fast bath unblocking solutions across Kent and Ashford. 

Get your drain obstruction, bath blockage or plug hole problem cleared by an experienced and dedicated team that guarantees great prices, a friendly and helpful approach and exceptional customer service; contact us today at JLH Drains and we can arrange a no obligation survey and quotation with one of our friendly Ashford team. NO call out charge, competitive rates.