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Four Times When You Will Need Emergency Drain Repairs

26th Sep 2022

Unfortunately, most drainage or plumbing problems can occur at any time; normally, it's when we least expect it. However, you'll be surprised to know that the majority of the problems can easily be prevented with regular maintenance and a few check-ups of the drainage system. 

Generally, homeowners will only come to know about a water leak or clogged drain issue after the problem has begun. Whenever this happens, it's important that you contact a reliable and experienced drainage expert to undertake any repairs or required unblocking. There are usually four occasions where emergency drain repairs will need to be carried out;

Frozen water pipes

During the winter months when the temperature drops below the freezing point, it's likely that you will have to deal with frozen water. As the water freezes, the pipe will expand and break.

If this happens, shut off the main valve immediately and contact a drainage professional. An experienced and dedicated expert will know exactly how to deal with it and ensure that the pipes run smoothly once more. 

Blocked drains

Blocked drains can often cause overflows of sewage and uncontrolled water. If you don't deal with the issue immediately, it can very quickly become a real nuisance, with disgusting smells, overflows of water and flooding. 

If you ever have these issues, immediately call drainage engineers, like the ones at JLH Drains, that offer a 24/7 emergency drain repairs service. They will possess all the latest equipment and techniques to effortlessly, safely and quickly remove the debris from the drain and unblock it completely. 

Broken water pipes

If a water pipe in your house or on your premises has broken and you can't find or access the main shutoff valve, immediately call an emergency drains expert the moment you notice that water is leaking.

An experienced and dedicated drainage expert will immediately know the location of the main valve and shut it off to prevent a flood in your home or commercial premises. They will work quickly to restore the water by locating the leak, cutting the pipe and then replacing the faulty pipe with new piping or lining. 

Broken water lines

If you've got a broken water line or a pipe fracture outside your home or commercial building, ignoring it is the worst possible thing you can do. In fact, underground water lines are more likely to rust, crack and break over time and they can sometimes even sever due to unauthorised digging, old construction materials or poor pipe fittings. 

No matter what the reason for your broken water lines, make sure that you immediately contact an experienced and professional drainage company the moment you notice that something is wrong. 

The most important thing to remember is that should any of the above issues develop at your property, don't just ignore them and assume they'll go away over time. If and when any happen, immediately contact experienced and dedicated drainage professionals. 

At JLH Drains, we specialise in fast, affordable and trusted emergency drain repairs, drain unblocking and drain cleaning services across Kent, Sussex, London and the South East. So contact us today and we'll have an experienced drainage engineer at your property within just 90 minutes!

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