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The Damage Blocked Drains Can Do To Your Home

8th May 2019

Blocked drain being flushedKeeping your home tidy and clean is a lifelong, continuous and often unenjoyable task! But it isn't just about ensuring that walls, floors, surfaces and windows are free from dirt, dust and other household mess. 

While our daily and weekly house cleaning routines take care of the superficial places, there are some occasions when household issues can be hidden in areas you may not be aware of. For instance, blocked drains can cause severe damage to your home, especially if left unattended or not spotted until too late.

We'll tell you the main things to look for in this helpful guide;

Foul odours caused by stagnant water

Stagnant water, if left to accumulate over a significant period of time, will begin to cause foul odours, which in turn can become unhealthy for both your family and your home. While the least severe of the warning signs, it is still important to get these looked at and eradicated before it can lead to anything worse.

Trapped water leaking into foundations

If left alone, or not spotted, trapped water can begin to leak into the corners and foundations of your home too. This is a very serious issue and one that can jeopardise the structural integrity of your house. If you even suspect that there may be some trapped water somewhere, make sure you have the property checked before the water (if indeed there is any) can spread.

Saturated floorboards and walls

Moisture caused by blocked drains can also begin to saturate your walls and floorboards too. If this is the cause, it could well leave behind discolouring, warping and water stains. Not only will this be unpleasant for you and your family, it will also create lasting damage for your property and reduce its selling value in the process.

Stagnant water attracting insects and pests

Stagnant water can also become an attraction for insects and pests that often carry diseases and germs. In addition to this, it can also make the area prone to mildew, bacteria growth and mould. It's therefore very important to make sure you remove any stagnant water as soon as possible.

If you have spotted any of the issues highlighted above, or you believe you may have a blocked drain somewhere, call Kent's drainage experts at JLH Drains today. Contact us to discuss your requirements and arrange your free survey and no obligation quotation. 

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