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The Common Causes of A Blocked Shower Drain

28th Jun 2022

Category: Blocked Showers

Blocked shower drains are quite a common problem for UK homeowners and the chances are, that at some point in your life, you will have (or will) encounter one in your lifetime.

While you can use a simple unblocking solution, this doesn't always fully resolve the problem, so it's important that you hire an experienced professional to correctly and effectively repair your shower drain for you. 

To try and reduce the chances of you ever having to suffer a blocked shower drain though, we'll tell you the five main causes and how to try and avoid them.

1. A build-up of hair

Whenever you shower, it is inevitable that hair strands will fall out and go down your shower drain. Over time, that hair will accumulate in the pipes and potentially form a blockage. While this problem is more common among those who have long hair, it can affect just about anyone. That's why an accumulation of hair is one of the most common causes of a blocked shower drain. 

While it's the easiest to fix and can sometimes be removed by taking away the shower drain cover and pulling out the hair blockage by hand or pouring down an unblocking solution, it's no guarantee that the problem will be completely resolved.

It's far more effective to call in a professional to trace the blockage using a CCTV camera that's run through the pipework and completely clear out the drains.

2. Foreign objects being placed down the drain

While foreign objects like hair and soap and scum build-up can very easily find their way into your shower drain (and there's very little if anything you can do to stop it), other more surprising items can end up in your drainage system via your shower, including sanitary and cleaning items and even children's toys. 

No matter how much you monitor what goes down your drains and regardless of how closely you supervise your children, they somehow still manage to sneak into the bathroom from time to time and sending things down the drains just for fun. Of course, whether intentionally or by accident, adults can also be responsible for incorrect items being placed down the shower drain too! 

If you suspect that a foreign object, whether hair, soap scum, children's toy or sanitary item, might be blocking your shower drain, grab a torch and look into the pipe. If it's close enough, you might be able to remove it with your fingers but if it's further down, that will require the assistance of an experienced drainage professional.

3. Sediment build-up in your shower drain

Especially in properties in hard water areas, plenty of different minerals and other substances are found in the water. Over time, these can then leave sediment deposits on the inside of your pipework and drainage systems. If and when enough of these sediments build up, it can often block or restrict water from flowing through your shower drain and causing it to clog. 

If you have started to notice that your shower drain is flowing much slower than usual, it could well be that you have sediment build-up in your ageing pipes.

Not only that, but some older and galvanised drains can start to rust from the inside and then cause a restriction in the flow of water draining away. If this is the case with your shower drain, you will need high pressure water jetting or CCTV drain surveys undertaken to accurately and efficiently inspect the drains and clear them.

4. Broken or damaged pipes

The structure of your pipes, over time, can start to weaken, leading to breakages or cracks. When there are cracks in the pipe, it is much easier for bits of hair and other debris to get stuck, leading to burst water pipes and blockages. To make matters worse, this can also lead to leaks, potentially exposing your home or commercial property to costly water damage.

If you ever suspect that you might have damaged or broken pipework, don't try and attempt to fix it yourself; if you don't truly know what you are doing, you could potentially install the pipes incorrectly and lead to even more issues further down the line. It's much better to call a professional drainage expert, who will safely, quickly and efficiently repair or replace the pipes for you.

5. Bad pipe installation

Pipework being installed badly or incorrectly can affect a good number of things in a property; not least the shower drains. A poorly installed pipe can very easily cause a blocked shower drain and the majority of the time, an improper installation is because the property owner attempted to do the job themselves without fully understanding or acknowledging the techniques and process involved.

Of course, you could very easily have inherited someone else's mistakes if you have recently moved into a new property.

If your blocked shower drain is the result of a poor pipe installation, don't try and fix the problem yourself. Hire professionals to handle the pipe installation, repair and replacement for you to ensure minimal risk to your home or business property.

If you suspect that your shower drain isn't flowing as it should or you fear there might be a broken, damaged or blocked drain somewhere on your premises, call Kent and Sussex's experts at JLH Drains today on 0800 781 8922 for fast, effective and affordable repairs and unblocking solutions. 

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